Cardinals vs Chargers

Cardinals vs Chargers : The Arizona Cardinals open their preseason at home on Thursday against the Los Angeles Chargers. Because this will be the first game ever in the NFL for Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury and quarterback Kyler Murray, this game is intriguing.

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NFL Football 2019 Preseason Week 1
Team : Cardinals vs Chargers
Date : Thursday, August 8
Start Time : 10:00 Pm Et

Cardinals vs Chargers – Live

However, the starters will play little and some won’t play at all. Kingsbury won’t likely show much more than very basic concepts offensively.

The Cardinals won’t show anything fancy, but it would be nice to get just a taste. How much will they line up with four receivers? How often is a tight end in the game? What do the basic run plays look like? What are the basic route concepts? We want to see how they line up at the line of scrimmage and see how the running game is built.

Chargers football is back, although it’s only exhibition football. Still, there are many interesting things to watch for during this preseason and many story lines around the league. Football games are almost never what everyone expects, but there are always a few surprises per game that shocks both experts and casual fans alike.

In this article series, which will be published every week prior to each Chargers game, bold predictions will be made in an attempt to predict those surprises. Here are three:

Stick will be one of the most interesting players to watch in the preseason, not only for the Chargers but for the whole league.

Everybody knows he can run, including the Chargers coaching staff. What they will want to know is, can he throw? Anthony Lynn and company will want to see how Stick plays from the pocket against real opposition, as well as limit the amount of times he will be hit.

It will be interesting to see how well he handles pressure and evades sacks, because even if the Cardinals don’t have a lot of depth behind their defensive starters, the Chargers offensive line is likely to allow some pressure throughout the game. Stick will keep a cool head in the face of pressure, and will be looking to throw the ball as he extends the play instead of tucking the ball and running.

A couple of scrambles could be enough to reach 25 yards, and the coaching staff may call some designed quarterback runs as they try out their post-Rivers offense, which makes this a very bold prediction. After all, Stick rushed for nearly 46 yards per game over four years in college (5.9 yards per rush); why would he be limited to less than a putrid 25? Fans may have to wait longer to see their dual-threat draft pick expand upon his opportunities.

The Chargers defense is solid and full of playmakers. They will be facing a first-year head coach, with a rookie quarterback, three rookies behind Larry Fitzgerald on the wide receiver depth chart and one of the worst offensive lines in football.

Kyler Murray is probably going to see a lot of action, but when he leaves the field, he will give the reins to the offense to Brett Hundley, who owns a 9-13 TD-INT ratio and a 67.9 passer rating. The other two quarterbacks on their roster are Charles Kanoff and Drew Anderson; neither of them has played a single regular season snap.

The Chargers defense is not only one of the best in the league, but also has some great depth at the linebacker position and in the secondary. With so few roster spots being fought over by so many talented players, the JackBoyz will make plays all over the field and pick the ball five times.

Preseason is the perfect time for offensive coaches to try out new things. Ken Whisenhunt isn’t the most creative offensive coordinator, but he has called creative plays before.

Whisenhunt has also called jet sweeps before, and one of the speedy receivers on the team will break free on a run. Whether it’s Travis Benjamin (game-time decision), Artavis Scott, or even Mike Williams (who scored on a toss last season against the Chiefs), one of the Chargers’ playmakers will rush for at least 30 yards.

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